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 When my hubby bought my first ever dildo I couldn't believe how good it was. Not only was it shaped like a penis but had the feel of one and vibrated. I never, ever had tried any such thing. Over the span of several weeks he kept getting another and another and slowly getting larger, longer and finally full size porn star dildos. I was surprised the first time one made me squirt and he now knew what it took to make me squirt. He would ask " did you like it"? I would be shaking and recovering from the strongest orgasm and tell him how couldn't I that I evidently did. He liked that he was able to get me to squirt but he loved that I liked it also. The web cam was a shock for me also. He had it on one nite , the first time, and I thought we were just seeing different videos online when he said it was on a free web cam site for adults. I said "so these are all real people"? He replied yes and that there were men, men and wife's, women alone, what ever I really wanted to watch.

I couldn't believe that this was real. I told him these were evidently recorded and not real. He assured me these were all "live" and real. I was sitting in his lap and he told me to look around with the mouse myself and see what I liked. As he was letting me do this I saw couples, some fat and really not pleasant to see, single men with face shots and finally a black man with his cock in his hand. I said " that is a really nice cock" when I meant as far as to look at and my husband heard me say it but thought it meant I liked it. I tried to explain myself but he said "yeah, what you see you like and now I know what you like".

I couldn't believe I said it where he misunderstood me. He had my breasts exposed and when I realized now what he was doing I said: "you're showing me online on the internet". He said "well you're looking at naked people more specifically a naked black man" so relax.

About two nites later we were starting to play around when there was a phone call. He jumped and answered and I heard him say "yes. we'll be waiting". When he came back in the bedroom I asked who it was and he said it was work related. I didn't believe him for some reason and as I was playfully pulling on his cock the light turned on in the bedroom whereas we only had a nite lite on. I was shocked when I saw a black man standing in the doorway smiling saying : "oh yeah". I looked at my hubby and asked him "who the hell is this"? My hubby told me "what you want. I made arrangements for you to try a black man". I was shocked but then not as shocked as he was. There wasn't just one there were three. My hubby said "what the hell? I told you you could help yourself what did you do bringing there two"? Before I realized what was happening they had him out of the bed and were tying him to a chair and telling him he was going to see his wife get it real good and like it since he told the one it was what I liked and therefore what he must like. Nobody had the time to say much of anything else as they taped his mouth shut and soon I was being pinned down and told to suck the cock nearing my mouth and was getting the first of the three cocks pushed into my pussy. I was scared and yet realizing my hubby's plan had backfired, realized he wanted me to do this apparently and decided after being fucked with the porn star dildos I'd oblige him and become a whore if that's what he liked.

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